A Beginner’s Guide to Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts have truly become a worldwide trend and this includes the Ultimate Fighting Championship which more commonly known as UFC. The fame of MMA has significantly increased in the past 10 years. Despite its popularity, there are still a number of individuals who do not know what it is or may have heard of MMA but does not understand it completely. Actually, mixed martial arts can be defined in every simple terms. It is just the combination of different kinds of martial arts and forging them into a single set of fighting techniques. It is a combat sport wherein the players will be expected to have full contact with each. This holds similarities to other type of contact sports such as Muay Thai and wrestling. The one of a kind attribute that MMA has is the mixing of different fighting styles. As a result, even players who come from different fighting backgrounds with different fighting styles can be in the same competition. This will make a fight very interesting for the viewers.

The performance of mixed martial arts has a long history behind it. In fact, it used to be played in Greek sports fests during the ancient times. Back then, it was referred to as pankration. Unlike mixed martial arts, there were no general rules that governed how these games were played. In the country of Brazil, they held games that hold some comparison to the current MMA contests such as UFC. The Brazillians called Vale Tudo which can be literary translated as anything goes. This means that are only a few rules that guided the game and its players. The idea behind mixed martial is not relatively new. However, it was refined over the years until it has become what it is right now. If there was a specific group of people who has the most influenced on the way mixed martial arts are today, it would be Brazil’s Gracie family. Today, mixed martial arts particularly UFC has become quite sophisticated when it comes to the set of guidelines and rules that are being employed.

Certain sports were also partially responsible for shaping mixed martial arts into its current form. Boxing is one of them. This can only be expected since both boxing and mixed martial arts are contact and somewhat combative types of sports. Recently, however, boxing has lost a significant amount of its popularity due to the rising fame of mixed martial arts in many countries worldwide. Mixed martial arts have also achieved global significance not only as a form of self defense employed by several individuals but also as a necessary military or police skill.

The benefits obtained from doing mixed martial arts is not only limited to the physical aspect. There are also psychological benefits which include the ability to focus, self control, and balance. It can also help in building a person’s self esteem. MMA can also do a lot of good things for the body including the enhancement of cardiovascular health, agility, stamina, and flexibility.

How Young Children can Benefit from Mixed Martial Arts

Children are sometimes likened to sponges that are capable of absorbing anything that they are given. It is best to expose kids to as many good things as possible while they are young. Getting them into sports is one of the best things to enrich the lives of kids. This will allow them to interact with other children and to develop new skills. It will also help harness their interpersonal skills as well as build their confidence.

When people think of great sports or activities that are ideal for children, they seldom think about mixed martial arts. This is probably due to the fact that MMA is viewed as a violent contact sport which does not really impart something valuable to children especially when it comes to the build up of one’s character. What most people do not know that a sport such as mixed martial arts hold a number of advantages even for young kids.

The goodness of MMA for children lies on its ability to make children aware of their bodies and what it can do. It can even be used to enhance a child’s ability to work with his mind more efficiently. The ability to interact with other people who commonly have varied personalities is also improved.

Through mixed martial arts, kids will be able to exercise their bodies in an enjoyable way. They are also to build up their strength through training without having to resort to lifting weights. This is very important since several studies have revealed that weight lifting at a tender age will do more harm than good especially for very young kids. MMA is also a very good kind of cardio exercise which enables the child to enhance his stamina and prolong or heighten his endurance. Since MMA is composed of different fighting styles, the child will also be exposed to different varieties of martial arts. An example of this is Muay Thai, kick boxing, taekwondo, karate, and jiu jitsu. Parents need not worry about their kids because these training sessions are performed under the supervision of a highly qualified martial arts expert or fitness trainer. The training environment is also properly and adequately controlled.

The practice of mixed martial arts by kids will allow them to develop self discipline. Because this, they will also be able to realize the value of perseverance and self control at a young age. These children will also be able to learn how to be responsible not only for themselves but for the people that surround them.

In order for parents to gain an adequate understanding of what mixed martial arts entail, it is best for them to take a close look at the principles that guide the study of MMA. One of these is to maintain respect for their superiors and mentors as well as for each other. In return, they will also be to acquire respect from others due to their skills and discipline in mixed martial arts. And lastly, a child may be talented but if he does not invest time and effort in training, he will not become a good MMA fighter.

Understanding Common Terminologies in Mixed Martial Arts

Some people think of mixed martial arts as a sport that has been newly introduced into the public. However, this is not true because MMA has been around for many, many years. It was only just recently that it became very popular especially with the birth of the UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

Mixed martial arts, more commonly referred to as MMA, is similar with many other types of sports. Three of the sports that are most commonly related to it are boxing, wrestling, and kick boxing. The similarity is very plain to see. All of these sports require a person to be in contact with the opposing player. There are a wide range of styles and fighting techniques that a player can choose to do during the entire duration of the gain. Because of this, two players can fight against each other even when they dissimilar fighting styles. Despite the immense number of fighting styles available for the MMA fighter, there are some techniques and strategies that are commonly used by them. Some of these are the ground and the clinch as well as the stand up.

As with almost any other kind of game or sport, there are rules or guidelines that have been set for mix martial art fights. This has caused a massive boom in the sport’s fame. This has become globally known as the UFC, a sport which has a massive quantity of supporters from different points of the globe.

Understanding the commonly used words in mixed martial arts is necessary in order to truly enjoy and appreciate the sport. Here are some of them.

From the itself, submission means that one employs fighting techniques that will make the opposing player surrender. This particular move induces a severe kind of force or pain that is felt on areas such as the joints or on the neck portion. There are different kinds of submission techniques but the most prevalently used ones are the kimura and the varied kinds of choke such kimura and guillotine.

As previously mentioned, kimura is a kind of shoulder lock. Here, a person will be able to experience extreme pressure on the joints of his shoulders. This fighting technique is otherwise referred to as the rear naked choke hold.

The guillotine choke hold involves the application of pressure under the opposing fighter’s neck and then an upward pull is also done. During this move, the head is locked firmly under the opponent’s armpit.

Also another kind of submission hold technique is the triangle choke hold. If the head is secured under the armpit for guillotine choke hold, the head of the opponent is placed in between the legs of the other fighter. After which, the arms are then pulled back behind the head.

A fighting technique which involves securing the arms of the other player on a straight position is called the arm bar move. The opponent will not be able to change the position of his arm because there will be significant amount of pressure that is applied underneath his elbow.

Reasons to Choose Mixed Martial Arts over Other Combative Sports

Engaging in sports is one of the best ways through which one achieve the necessary exercise that the body needs in order to remain healthy. Apart from being very effective in the maintenance of fitness and total body wellness, sports are also fun to do and will make exercising a breeze and an enjoyable experience.

Martial arts are great forms of sports that have been practiced for a long time now. They come in different varieties, each of which has been developed by different individuals from equally different places. Each of them also possesses different pros and cons for those who practice it. These differences commonly occur in the aspect of fighting range which is otherwise referred to as the combat range. Other differences may also occur in the attack speed, body balance, defense responses to attacks, body energy utilization, and finally the economy of motion. In the case of grappling martial arts, takedowns occur as a result of the opposing fighter’s movement against the other.

Finding the right mixture of varied types of martial arts is necessary in order to ensure the best possible outcome for a certain game. Each kind of fighting technique should be carefully considered. Ideally, there should be the presence of continuous motion, adequate momentum, powerful hits and attacks, the ability to dodge the attacks of the opponent, and proper balance. Flexibility is also very important for any mixed martial arts fighter. The choice of one’s fight combination should be based on his individual strength and weaknesses as well as the opponent’s strong and weak points.

Learning mixed martial arts is not only ideal for those who want to take part in competitive fights or games. One will be able to obtain a lot of benefits for his own health and wellness if he chooses to undergo MMA training. The main reason why a person should choose mixed martial arts over other kinds of combative sports is that it involves numerous kinds of activities thus one is able to improve his fitness level through varied means. Some of the most obvious advantages of mixed martial arts training are enhancement of strength, endurance, and stamina. Marked improvement in flexibility will also be apparent. The usefulness of mixed martial arts is not only limited to sports purposes or for health improvement. It can also be used to defend oneself in times of need. This is particularly important nowadays since a lot of danger seem to be lurking wherever one chooses to go.

One may argue that the he can improve his fitness levels by just going to the gym or by engaging in other forms of exercise such as running, swimming, or weight lifting. The difference lies in the fact that with mixed martial arts, the fitness level will be made much higher. One needs to constantly remember that MMA training can be very challenging. It will not only test your physical abilities but your psychological capacities as well. However, the results will be all worth the effort exerted by the person for training.

The Benefits of Undergoing Mixed Martial Arts Training

Many people wonder why those who lived during the olden times seem to have better health when in fact medicine was not that developed back then and their living conditions were more or less crude. People before did not have processed and unhealthy food items as part of their daily diet. In addition, they were almost always engaged in hard labor and they had to most household chores themselves as fetching water or scrubbing the floors.

Nowadays, more and more people seem to be getting less healthy for every single year. This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of individual lead sedentary lifestyles and most of them do not make it a point to eat healthy and well balanced meals on a daily basis. This has lead to the problem of obesity being one of the biggest health concerns.

If one is looking for a healthy means of losing weight or if one wants to just improve his fitness level, engaging in mixed martial arts training is one of the most ideal things to do. It helps improve physical strength and enhances mental function. In addition, it also helps protect a person from the threat of many diseases particularly those that are related to having a sedentary lifestyle.

One might think that mixed martial arts are not suitable for him because he does not intend to take part in any fight or in any combative game. However, MMA is not just for fighters. It is actually a very important part of having a truly effective exercise regimen. Apart from this, mixed martial arts training will also provide a person with good balance and improved body coordination. When you combine this with taking care of other important aspects of your life such as your personal development, emotional well-being and physical appearance (Tip: any other ladies who wanna get their skin smooth for fighting so they don’t have to grease up should definitely check out no no hair removal and also luminess air. Used together, these are an awesome combination and a must have for any female fighters arsenal…) There have also been studies done regarding the health benefits of mixed martial arts. These studies yielded results that pointed out MMA’s ability to enhance a person’s immunity.

The benefits encompass not only physical ones but also psychological effects as well. Since most types of martial arts require a person to meditate, he will also be able to gain adequate control over his responses to stress. There are also other martial arts disciplines that operate under the principle of a three pronged approach to wellness and this involves the body, the mind, and the spirit. One will also notice that his stamina will be significantly improved. He is also able to perform better in his day to day activities because he has the energy to accomplish anything that needs to be done. A person who undergoes MMA training will be able to exercise adequate self control. The ability to concentrate and to focus is also improved.

Apart from all these, a person will have a better self identity since he will be able to promote self respect and to improve his self esteem. MMA has also been shown to be capable of providing assistance to people have a hard time managing their addiction to certain types of drugs and to alcohol. Instead of responding to overwhelming stress by turning to drugs and alcohol, a person will be able to manage himself by engaging in mixed martial arts.